Kriya Materials

Kriya Materials is a backward integrated functional coating manufacturer. Its ability to make high- end nanoparticles and incorporate these in functional lacquers is a unique feature. Its know-how on customer-processes and the ability to adapt its products to custom requirements, a key differentiator. It masters the art of incorporating high-end features into thin lacquers based upon its proprietary nanotechnology. Although being relatively small in size, it has been able to open the doors at large multinational companies. Kriya Materials speed, product portfolio, and innovative custom-minded mindset, sets Kriya Materials apart from its competitors. It’s the industries front-runner who will have a significant impact on its customer’s future products.


Opportunities on polymer based film, glass, metal and solar cells


Problem  worth solving Our solution

Static charging of surfaces results in dust attraction, static discharge on surfaces result in surface damage

Infrared red light passing through a window heats up the area behind

Reflection on a display makes the display hard to read
Poor light propagation causes displays to be inefficient in using power input

Continuous reflection is tiring for eyes to look at continuously

LED and OLED lighting are inefficient in light propagation

Surfaces are smudged by fingerprints, environmental pollution, graffiti a.o.

Most surfaces are hydrophobic which causes droplets or fogging

Most surfaces are hydrophobic which causes droplets or fogging

Our durable anti static coatings protect against static discharge and keep displays clean

Our infrared coating keep your room, car or greenhouse cool, lowering cooling need, lower CO2 emission and prevent plant death

Our one-pot anti reflection gives your display or picture the best look, no sun or light reflecting back at you

Our high refractive coating improves light out-coupling lowering power consumption at higher brightness

Our effective glare prevention makes looking at your laptop screen also after hours still a pleasant experience

Our refractive index materials increase LED light out-coupling significantly from 30% to…

Our high hydrophobic, oleo phobic surface makes this the ideal easy to clean surface, including anti static in 1-pot

Our super hydrophilic coating turns water droplets into a continuous film, the ideal durable anti-fog solution