ShinA T&C

Epoxy Resins

Photocure Oligomers, Monomers, and Solution

New Business Development(Including MCCL)

EMC and Related Materials Introduction


Epoxy Resins

1.Flame Retardant Epoxy resin/Hardener
2.Isocyanate Modified Epoxy Resin
3.Low Dk/Df Epoxy Resin
4.Low CTE Epoxy Resin
5.High Heat Resistance Epoxy Resin
6.FCCL Epoxy Resin
7.High Purity Epoxy Resin
8.Crystalline Epoxy Resin

PhotoCure(UV Cure) Materials

1.Epoxy Acrylate
2.Urethane Acrylate
3.Acryl-Polymer (Solution Polymerization)
4.Acryl-Polymer (Emulsion Polymerization)
5.Coating Resin for Prism Sheet
6.Coating Resin for Diffuser / Microlens Sheet
7.Coating Resin for Reflector / Hard Coating
8.Coating Resin for Cover Plastics (9H)

New Epoxy Resin For EMC

- Thermal Conductivity Epoxy
- Low Moisture Absorption Epoxy
- High Purity Epoxy
- Low CTE Epoxy
- Low Viscosity Epoxy
- High Tg Epoxy

New Business Development

1.Metal CCL
2.Composite – Application
3.Catalyst / Hardener