Softenol our Brand for technical applications

Processing Agents for Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

Lubricant for the deforming of aluminium and tinplate

Lubricant for telecomunication cables


Softenol Processing Agents for Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

SOFTENOL has a decisive effect on each stage of EPS processing Taking the processing procedure for EPS as a whole, an optimum effect can be achieved by blending different types of additives.

Cremer Oleo offers those mixtures also under the tradename SOFTENOL

The pre-expansion step is mainly influenced by more polar substances like SOFTENOL 3995 or SOFTENOL 3945

The fusion stage needs more unpolar grades like SOFTENOL 3118, 3169 or 3168

Softenol Processing Agents for Expandable Polystyrene (EPS)

Product Range

Cremer Oleo is a leading supplier of processing agents to the EPS Industry

We can offer coating additives like:

Different types of Glycerol mono stearates – Softenol 3995, Softenol 3945
Different types of Glycerol tri stearates – Softenol 3168, Softenol 3169, Softenol 3118

Taylor made - Blends – Softenol 0570, Softenol 0640, Softenol 0800 ...

We also offer: 

Antifoam agents - Witafrol 
Antistatic agent during sieving - SOFTIGEN 767

Softenol Lubricant for the deforming of aluminium and tinplate


Is used as lubricant in the deforming of aluminium or tinplate foils, strips and sheets by deep drawing, stamping, bending or embossing. Softenol 3829 prevents the formation of scratch and abrasion traces on the metal surface while the foils or strips are being rolled-up to form coils or while coils are being unrolled.

If necessary Softenol 3829 can easily be removed from the metal surface after the deforming process with the aid of conventional degreasing baths

SOFTENOL 3829 / Properties

- liquid at room temperature
- high heat resistance
- Steam resistance
- stable against oxidation
- in 300°C duration / 30 minutes no deformation, no fading or fall off of coating

SOFTENOL 3829 / Processing
- can be applied to the metal surface by rolling or spraying
- Often applied in dissolved form (50% in Isopropanol) in a dip bath

Softenol 3829 / Main Application
- Airline food container
- inflight casseroles
- airline food tray and food container lids.

Softenol Lubricant for telecomunication cables

Softenol 3108

Is used for reduction of the frictional forces acting between cable and the in- ner surface of the cable duct. The use of Softenol 3108 permits a decided increase in the length of cable which can be drawn into the duct using lower tensile (traction) forces. This leads to a reduction of necessary connection sytems with consequent saving in investment costs. By pretreating cable sections with our Softenol 3108, the force needed to pull out old cables enormously reduced. Softenol 3108 eliminate sticking of the cables to the duct caused by ageing of other unsuitable lubricants. HDPE(Polyethylene) are not attacked by Softenol 3108!

Softenol Lubricant for telecomunication cables

is suitable for direct application at the site where the cables is drawn into the already laid duct.
- With a sponge / immersion bath
- Compressed air blowing mode (in front or behind the thrust plug)

Usage quantities of 3-6 ltr/km, depending on the smoothness of the inner Wall of the cable duct (if ribbed you need more material)

For pulling out of old cables you need 4-6 ltr/km, also depending on the smoothness of the cable section. Softenol can be introduced by spraying (into the sections), or pulled in or pushed up with compressed air.