SPE Corporate Information

Plant engineering and maintenance service

Sumiju Plant Enginnering Co., Ltd. (SPE) is a total comprehensive solution provider, aiming for mutually beneficial, win-win relationships with our customers and achieving superior performace and efficiency with equipment operations by offering comprehensive engginering services.

With our CFB boiler services, precipitators, ash treatment systems, dry desulfurization-denitration systems, evaporators, and crystallization systems, SPE offers small to large scale lant solutions for a wid rang of customer needs through our design, manufacturing,construction and after-service for energy and environment equipment.

CFB Services

SUMITOMO Electrostatic Precipitator (EP)

Advanced energization controller : SPAC2000

Particulate Treatment Systems

Dry Desulfurization-Denitration Systems

SUMITOMO evaporator

Electrostatic precipitator revamping

Tubular evaporator revamping